The Black Dot Museum

of Political Art



The Black Dot Museum functions online with touring exhibits focused on political art.


Curators: Jean Smith and David Lester -- the voice and guitar of Mecca Normal.

Museum Manager: Slim Moon




Jean Smith is the singer and lyricist in the literary rock duo Mecca Normal and a two-time recipient of Canada Council for the Arts awards as a professional writer of creative fiction. Jean has two published novels and has, since 1986, released fifteen CDs on Kill Rock Stars, K Records and Matador. Smith's series of self-portraits from age 13 has been included in several Ladyfest art exhibits. Her paintings are featured in Mecca Normal's touring lecture event "How Art & Music Can Change the World". Smith grew up in Vancouver with two abstract parents for painters. She is mildly dyslexic.

Jean Smith -- FaceBook

David Lester is the guitar player in the underground rock duo Mecca Normal (Kill Rock Stars), a painter and graphic designer whose artwork is featured weekly in Magnet Magazine online with text by Mecca Normal singer Jean Smith.

In 2009, Mecca Normal celebrated twenty-five years in music, touring their lecture, art and performance event "How Art & Music Can Change the World" based on Lester's Inspired Agitators poster series. Lester's poster of Howard Zinn was recently selected as Poster of The Week by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics in Los Angeles.

The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism (Arbeiter Ring, 2005 & 2006 -- revised second edition) -- an astounding collection of comparative statistics compiled by Lester -- has been included in university course material in the US and Canada.


David Lester's art appears in the recently published Paper Politics (Soft Skull Press, 2009) as well as Reproduce & Revolt (Soft Skull Press, 2008).

David Lester Paintings  
David Lester's Inspired Agitators poster series
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Slim Moon -- Slim Moon still thinks of himself as a punk rocker, after all these years. After 17 years at record labels as founder of Kill Rock Stars and later doing A&R at Nonesuch and Rykodisc, Slim is happy to now be pursuing his true calling in life - helping artists he loves - in the way that best suits him, artist management. Shot Clock Management



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